BICB - British International College Bridge

B.I.C.B, located in Casablanca Morocco, is an international centre that works in collaboration with British partners. Our main goal is helping students who have a dream of studying abroad to get into one of the top international universities.

B.I.C.B is both an agency that provides the basic services that help students to enroll in global schools and universities, and a language centre through which students prepare their IELTS test with our international and professional teachers.

Hundreds of thousands of students apply for abroad studies each year, many of them do not achieve successfully their objective. Therefore, obtaining a personal assistance is not a luxury approach, but it is an essential matter to help you find the right university, and make your application stand out as much as possible!

Selecting which university to enrol in, which course to attend, or which field of study to pursue are obviously difficult decisions for students to make. At B.I.C.B, we offer consultations with our academic advisors to ensure you Personalized guidance from our expert partners in the UK, and help you to narrow down your choices in a smooth way.

Our Services

Professional Orientation

It includes analyzing the students’ learning pathway, their previous experiences and their professional aspirations, in the sake of directing them towards a course of study suitable to their capacities and acquired knowledge.

University Registration

It involves the process of compiling students’ personal data and the required documents in regards to their enrolment at international schools or universities of their choice.

Scholarship for eligible students

There are many financial aid options for students, who want to further their education at universities abroad. Our academic advisors are ready for providing you with all the necessary information about university scholarships as well as how to apply for them.

Tailor-Made Courses

Some students are in constant worry for their studies abroad. Because they think that, they do not have the adequate qualifications, which help them to study in a different learning environment. At B.I.C.B centre, we will help you to fulfil all your needs and get ready to join and integrate easily into one of the international universities of your dream.

ESOL Classes

Our centre provides its students the highest possible quality in English language teaching. It is thanks to our professional teachers from UK and Morocco. The aim of these ESOL classes is to help students to improve their learning skills in terms of speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Take the IELTS and TOFEL with B.I.C.B

The IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System. It is the world’s most popular English language test. If you are dreaming of studying, working, or living abroad then taking the IELTS test is the first step that will make your dreams come true. In addition to this, More than 10,000 organisations globally trust IELTS. Therefore, when you take the IELTS test with the help of our highly skilled teachers, you can be confident that educational institutions, employers, governments and professional bodies around the world recognise it.

Student Visa Support

It is a service that helps you assemble the information you will need before submitting your visa application online.

Professional Training Abroad

Student Internship